Shaw Hospitality Group transforms space and spirit with The Park, a collection of carpet tile and broadloom patterns. A renewal of space and spirit, these patterns are a celebration of the fundamental human experience enjoyed through public parks. Shaw Hospitality Group designers were inspired by the parallels of how we move, gather and enjoy different zones of a park and how those zones correlate to hospitality interiors and transition from communal, energetic experiences to a quiet, singular moment.

The Park by Shaw Hospitality Group

The Park by Shaw Hospitality Group

“The collection was designed to be transformative – in thinking, in people and
in space,” said Maria Scott, Shaw Hospitality Group Director of Design. “Our
goal is to reinforce and demonstrate that through great design, balance can
be achieved in the spaces we gather, play and escape. In hotel lobbies, as in
a park, we see guests enjoying being alone, together. Amidst the hustle and
bustle, individuals taking a moment to gather their thoughts or gather together;
a moment to appreciate the importance of human connectivity or time to pause
and reflect.”

The Park broadloom and carpet tile in 18 x 36 in. and 9 x 36 in. formats offer
options tailored for public spaces as well as guest rooms. Shown in neutral
shades with a pop of energetic chartreuse, the palette reflects renewal and
vitality. The broadloom and carpet tile products, which are constructed of Eco
Solution Q® nylon, offer a lifetime commercial warranty covering abrasive wear,
tuft bind, edge ravel and delamination. Additionally, they are recyclable and
manufactured with recycled content, while offering a sustainable flooring solution
that contributes to LEED certification.

This carpet can be reclaimed at the end of its useful life and processed through
our portfolio of internal recycling technologies.

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