Haworth Showroom Named First LEED v4 Certified Project

LEED v4 is the latest, and most environmentally-aggressive set of green building standards to be created by the U.S. Green Building Council. Some claimed that the standards were just too strict, but the world’s first LEED v4 certified project proves that it’s still possible to create beautiful, functional spaces under the new rules. Haworth’s Showroom inside Beijing’s Parkview Green (a massive LEED Platinum pyramid made of glass) has been recognized as the first successful project completed under the LEED version 4 beta program.


Haworth has created a workspace concept that offers co-working and lounge spaces that can be used by the building’s tenants, hotel guests and members in the community. Everything from partition walls, meeting rooms, huddle spaces and private focus areas can be rearranged to meet the day-to-day needs of its users. To reduce energy consumption, variable air volume (VAV) air diffusers, an optimized HVAC system strict no-VOC paints, water recycling and LED lighting design are just some of the attributes used in the space to help Haworth’s achieve LEED v4 Gold status.


Shaw Contract Group EcoWorx® and Eco Solution Q® products contribute to LEED v4. Find out more information on our website.


Images: inhabitat

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