Designer Bruce Mau’s Favorite Chicago Spots

One of our favorite designers, Bruce Mau – who collaborated with us on our L7 collection and is our moderator for this year’s Design is…Award – talked with enRoute (Air Canada’s publication) about his favorite spots in Chicago. Below are a few of his favorites:

Moto Restaurant


“Everything about Moto restaurant is designed. The first course was the menu itself – printed on edible paper. Another course was a tiny ball that exploded in your mouth with the sensation of eating cotton candy. One course was soup served in a baseball diamond-shaped bowl; the infield was pepperoni pizza soup and the outfield was Caesar salad. When you closed your eyes it tasted like pepperoni pizza.”

Aqua Tower



“This is the tallest skyscraper in the world designed by a woman architect, Jeanne Gang, who’s a local superstar. She took a modern tower and built balconies around it like waves, so you have this hard, crystal of a building with a fluid exterior.”






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