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From June 6-9, Modern Atlanta’s Design Is Material featured exhibitions, lectures and workshops taking place across Atlanta showcasing the city’s role in the exploration and promotion in innovation and creativity of manufacturers, architects, and designers with respect to material design application and research across disciplines such as architecture, interiors, products and fashion.


“Material Design & Fabrication: Futures & Perspectives” Panel Discussion with Susan Szenasy of Metropolis, Kevin Kane of Arktura, Sarah Hoit of Material ConneXion and Gil Akos of Mode Collective

Design is Material‘s launch party opened the event with inspiring speakers and innovative design. On display were many new and innovative products from flooring to furniture to wall coverings, including our new Hexagon collection. Check out a few of the featured products:

Bevel tile from Shaw Contract Group's new Hexagon collection

Bevel tile from Shaw Contract Group’s new Hexagon collection

Hexagon: Non-linear in composition, it’s a perfect reflection of our culture shifting towards more collaborative environments – impacting the way we work, walk, communicate, create and exist within our three dimensional space. Bevel offers a visual deconstruction of the hexagon – both through a dimensional layering of the shapes and through a plush sheared finishing.

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‘Mosstile’ by Benetti Stone



‘Mosstile’ by Benneti Stone is a vertical maintenance-free garden made using a stabilized tile of lichen placed over the top of an ecologically sound resin base. It does not require irrigation or fertilization, nor does it need to be pruned. The tile can also be placed in areas with no natural light and can be installed on any surface.





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Diamond Bench by HI-MACS + LG Hausys + Nunoerin



From functional kitchen surfaces and spaces to 3-dimensional installations, the unique properties of HI-MACS Solid Surface material allows you the ability to create what before could only be dreamt. The Diamond Bench lights up when it’s touched and follows the touch along the bench, creating a stream of light.






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Transparent Wood by Luminoso



Wood panels that transmit light create a unique transparent effect. The transparent effect is acheived with fiber optics that allow natural and artificial light to be transmitted. Fiber optics are embedded between layers of solid wood, and no holes are created to make the effect.






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Material ConneXion

Material ConneXion uses its materials intelligence to help companies innovate. With a wide spectrum of material  expertise and access to global material sources, they identify today’s material solutions and provide insight into tomorrow’s opportunities. Their subscription-based materials library is the world’s largest library of advanced, innovative, sustainable materials and processes in the world. From sustainable lipstick holders to environmentally-friendly packing foam, the ever-growing physical libraries around the globe and our online database give you immediate access to over 7,000 materials.


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