Corporate Design Trends for 2013

Gensler has released its Design Forecast for 2013, which is a detailed summary of what’s trending in global markets and their implications for design. With 60 identified trends, this report touches on all market segments and gives insight into relevant areas such as product design and urban development.

What’s in store for corporate environments this year? Here are a few items on the list that we feel are making a big impact:

Trend #2: Millennial Influence—The influence of millennial workers can be seen in the workplace and this reflects the cohort’s interest in self-direction and self-expression. The new Velti offices (by AECOM) illustrates that co-working space provides an instant community that’s used for rapid-fire collaboration. Hackable space can be reshaped on the fly to meet a work team’s fast changing-needs. Artwork and amenities are homegrown and contemporary.

Velti by AECOM in San Francisco, CA (c) David Wakely

Trend #3: Supporting Focus Work—Studies show that individual focus work is the most significant factor in workplace effectiveness—and if supported, then collaboration, learning and social interaction improve. If you don’t, it atrophies. The challenge is how to support focus work in the open work setting.

Trend #10-12: Corporate Campus Headquarters –Whether the preference is urban or suburban, the latest campus centers are tailored to the company’s culture and ways of working more closely than in the past—giving global and mobile teams a home base. Some of the larger energy, technology and financial giants are opting for mega campuses with the goal of supporting work processes, collaboration, social cohesion and to protect intellectual property…truly a self-contained community. This CBRE space, a project by Gensler, is a great depiction of how these preferences influence company culture.

CBRE Orange County by Gensler in Newport Beach, CA

Need more? Read the entire forecast at

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