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Taking Shape: Education carpet collection nods to Matisse

The concept of cutting shapes and elements may seem juvenile, but painter Henri Matisse did so in a way that a new art form was born. The French painter shifted to the world of cut-outs as chronic illness diminished his ability to work the paintbrush. By cutting and creating, the artist was truly taking the idea of form back to it’s roots. His creations varied from simple to abstract, while playing with varying color, contrast, shapes and sizes.

“The Parakeet and the Mermaid” (1952), gouache on paper, cut and pasted, and charcoal on white paper, by Henri Matisse.

This same concept is reflected in Shaw Contract Group’s new education collection Cut & Compose, as abstract elements are cut, rotated, deconstructed and composed to form the graphic aesthetic found in these designs. Through this collection, learning environments are transformed into motivational spaces and a bold statement is made.

Read more about this collection and its contribution to the environment here, and learn how these products support the Green Apple Initiative at the USGBC’s Center for Green Schools.



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Mural Artists Changing the Urban Experience

betterblowingkisses_garage-thumb-560x560Mural artists are changing the urban experience – exposed surfaces are opportunities for expression – and now companies are even commissioning well-known artists to inject more color to their properties – as is the case with Whole Foods’ newest Miami location, which added nature-inspired murals to its parking garage. Read the full article here.


The trend isn’t localized – it’s everywhere. And often it makes an impact greater than coloring our world. Atlanta is home to Living Walls,  an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in 2010. Along with changing the urban landscape, the conference aims to highlight a number of problems facing the city – opening a platform for much-needed dialogue. The building above is a 2010 design by Tika, a Zurich-born artist who holds a Master’s Degree from Zurich’s University of Art & Design. This mural is located on the corner of Spring Street and W. Peachtree Street in Atlanta. The mural arts are big business. The time has come where we can finally wave goodbye to the stigma of graffiti – and welcome a new wave of art as it happens on sidewalks everywhere.  Keep calm and color on.


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SND + 3Gatti: Computerized Carvings Create Retail Landscape

Check out this space!  3Gatti’s design for fashion label SND’s storefront in Chongqing, China yields an ethereal, dreamlike landscape that exudes movement and a new type of experience within the retail environment. By pairing computerized carvings coupled with mirrored spaces and thin, translucent materials, the design team was able to mimic the natural landscape. Design elements and creative direction in this project are in keeping with the insights of ColorSense, Shaw Contract Group’s recently launched color and trend forecast – due to launch online on November 15.

SND retail space offers an ethereal experience for visitors

SND retail space offers an ethereal experience for visitors

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Brazil Celebrates the Wolrd Cup with Elaborate Street Paintings

Every four years, Brazilians come together to show their love for soccer by painting their streets. This year, they’re sharing it with the world. And because the World Cup is in Brazil this year, the people and their streets have that much more pride. See more of Brazil’s painted streets HERE.

Brazil_Painted streets 1

Brazil_Painted streets 2

Brazil_Painted streets 3

Brazil_Painted streets 4

You can create photo spheres of where you’re celebrating the World Cup with the new Google Camera app for Android.

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Bringing the Floor to Life in Morocco’s Sacré Coeur

Working in the Sacré Coeur church in Casablanca, Morocco, French artist Miguel Chevalier created a pixel masterpiece called “Magic Carpets 2014,” which is projected onto the floor of the cavernous space. Like an ever-changing textile unrolled between the columns and stained glass in the magnificent building, the light installation is an ode to traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.

Sacre Coeur 1

The three-minute video below shows how the white-washed church exterior opens up into a kaleidoscope of color, design and shape-shifting splendor that references everything from microorganisms to embroidery.

Miguel CHEVALIER Tapis magiques 2014 Casablanca (Version courte) from Claude Mossessian on Vimeo.

Image: Huffington Post

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