Bringing the Floor to Life in Morocco’s Sacré Coeur

Working in the Sacré Coeur church in Casablanca, Morocco, French artist Miguel Chevalier created a pixel masterpiece called “Magic Carpets 2014,” which is projected onto the floor of the cavernous space. Like an ever-changing textile unrolled between the columns and stained glass in the magnificent building, the light installation is an ode to traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.

Sacre Coeur 1

The three-minute video below shows how the white-washed church exterior opens up into a kaleidoscope of color, design and shape-shifting splendor that references everything from microorganisms to embroidery.

Miguel CHEVALIER Tapis magiques 2014 Casablanca (Version courte) from Claude Mossessian on Vimeo.

Image: Huffington Post

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